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Stormproof Casement Windows

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This range of stylish casement windows follows a modern style, which sets itself apart from the flush casement range that we offer.

These lipped casement windows ( otherwise known as stormproof windows from years gone by, has the design feature whereby the sash wraps round the front casement of the frame, to prevent any window driven rain directly reaching the sealing system of the window. It’s an ideal product in those remote locations that are vulnerable to the prevailing weather conditions.

Stormproof Casement Window Gallery

Performance Standards & Options

 Double GlazingTriple Glazing
Product Ref:58/6666/74
U ValuesGlass: 4/16/4 Ug = 1.1 w/m2K
Whole Window: 4/16/4 = 1.4 w/m2K
Glass: 4/12/4/12/4 Ug = 0.7 w/m2K
Whole Window: 4/12/4/12/4 = 1.1 w/m2K
Frame Thickness / Width66 x 58mm74 x 58mm
Sash Thickness / Width58 x 75mm66 x 75mm
Sill Nosing Sizes Available40mm > 150mm40mm > 150mm
Glazing Thickness Available4mm Single > 30mm Double4mm Single > 38mm Triple
Air Permeability Class4
Acoustic Performance29dB30dB
Secured By Design AvailableYesYes
Bar Designs Available

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