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Our eloquent made to measure sash windows are available in many patterns and designs, suiting those traditional house designs and listed buildings, where detail, and quality are paramount. Available in technically engineered softwoods, dark red hardwoods, or even solid European oak, these sliding sash windows are manufactured using ultra modern technology, mixed with traditional craftsmen skills developed over hundreds of years, to deliver you the highest quality timber sash window on the market. These windows can be manufactured using traditional cords and weights box sash window style, or using hidden spiral balances which ensure the opening and closing of the sliding sash is effortless, with the counteracting weights taking up the full weight of the glazed sash.

For those more challenging environments, where local conservation and planning, or Listed building status are required, we can offer single glazed, or slimline double glazed options to ensure those traditional looks are retained in the finest detail.

Using our slimline sash style and high performance glazing and sealing systems, Fenea can provide you with security, and great insulation whilst maintaining those traditional stunning sash window looks, in what are the highest quality, factory finished sash windows available on the market.

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